About the PRC


The Paper Recycling Coalition

Protecting the U.S. Recovered Fiber Supply

The Paper Recycling Coalition, Inc. represents the interests of the 100% recycled paperboard and containerboard industries. As a net negative emitter of carbon dioxide CO2e, this industry is a leader in sustainability. For every ton of 100% recycled paperboard produced, 3.17 tons of CO2e are avoided. The Coalition consists of eight companies with 62,000 employees in facilities located in 45 states. The Mission of the Paper Recycling Coalition is to protect the U.S. recovered fiber supply from market distorting government subsidies and costly government regulations.

Paper and paperboard recycling is one of our country’s greatest environmental success stories. The amount of used paper recovered for recycling has nearly doubled since 1990. Over 66.8% of paper and paperboard materials were recovered in 2015. This is more than three times the amount of glass, rubber, plastics, metals & textiles collected.

The goal of the PRC is to ensure that government policies and programs do not thwart the continued expansion of the domestic recovered fiber supply. Recovered fiber markets are complex, efficient, and dynamic and not enhanced by regulations or other approaches to specify the use of recycled fibers or dictate what type of recovered fiber is used in products. The markets are also even more disrupted if the government creates incentives for alternative uses of recovered fiber.

Since 1990, The Paper Recycling Coalition has educated policy leaders, legislators, regulators, and others about the 100% recycled paper industry. We meet regularly with Members of Congress and their staff as well as government agency staff. We work closely with environmental groups and other industry organizations to advise them of our industry’s interests and concerns. We conduct tours of recycled paper facilities to give regulators, legislators, and the media a close-up view of our operations. We also testify before Congress and regulatory agencies on issues of importance to our industry.

More paper and paperboard is recovered for recycling than any other packaging material. Additionally, the industry continues to explore ways to increase the recovery rate through advocacy and outreach programs encouraging consumers to recycle paper and paperboard packaging. Paper can be recycled up to seven times!


Our Members

Members of our coalition are leaders in recycling. We are true recyclers—the companies that take old materials and use them to make new products. Through paper collection programs, paper mills, and manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, coalition members manufacture 100% recycled paper that is turned into a wide array of products. From pizza and cereal boxes, mailing tubes and shipping cartons to book covers, game boards and puzzles, these 100% recycled paper products are a part of our everyday lives.


The following companies are members of the Paper Recycling Coalition, Inc.:

Please explore our website to learn more about 100% recycled paper products, the leading companies that manufacture it, and how you can help us ensure that paper recycling not only remains what it is today but continues to expand. Our success in promoting a healthy and vibrant American industry is good for our environment, energy conservation and our economy.