PRC Fall Meeting Photos

During the closing days of the 114th Congress, PRC members traveled to Washington to reiterate the critical nature of protecting the fiber supply with the paper recycling amendments in the Energy Bill. They thanked Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) for his unwavering support of the 100% paperboard and containerboard industries and presented him with an award in recognition of his outstanding leadership.

The PRC looks forward to working with the 115th Congress and the Trump Administration to ensure that the message of this vital American industry continues to be heard.


Stabenow Group photo

Senator Stabenow, newly elected as Chair of the Senate Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, is warmly welcomed by PRC members at their fall meeting.

Upton Picture

Chairman Fred Upton is awarded “Protector of Recycled Fiber” in the 114th Congress by his constituent companies: Pratt Industries, Ox Industries, White Pigeon Paper, Graphic Packaging International, and WestRock.