PRC Spring Meeting in Washington

Boozman Group pic May 2017

PRC Chairman Brian McPheely, President Terese Colling, and PRC members Dave Briere, Al Nichols and Jerry Tassone thank Senator Boozman (R-AR) for his leadership on issues which will help grow paper recycling in the U.S.


PRC members advocate for the industry on Capitol Hill for their industry during their spring meeting.



PRC members thank Congressman Fleischmann (R-3-TN) for his leadership on the Energy & Water Appropriations Committee to protect paper recycling.


PRC members Al Nichols, Kevin Hayward and Dave Briere met with Congressman Womack (R-3-AR) to thank him for his support for recycled paper manufacturing jobs in the U.S.


During the PRC meeting, members were pleased to meet with freshman Congressman John Rutherford (R-4-FL) and learn of his significant knowledge of the industry.



Representatives from the PRC met with freshman Senator Todd Young (R-IN) who is a staunch supporter of good-paying manufacturing jobs in Indiana and across the U.S.