Recycling Industries Coalition (RIC) Press Release

For Immediate Release

December 8, 2014


The Recycling Industries Coalition (RIC), is a group of companies, industries and associations, representing hundreds of thousands of jobs in the U.S., engaged in the primary production of products made from recycled materials. RIC was organized because of concerns regarding Multi-Material Processing facilities, also known as Dirty MRFs (material recovery facilities). “Fouling recyclables with municipal waste cannot produce the materials industry needs to produce new products”, said Fran McPoland, spokesperson for the coalition.

The Coalition was initially formed as a result of efforts to prevent a Dirty MRF from being constructed in Indianapolis. It continues as a way to educate policy makers, local officials and the community about the potential negative consequences of Multi-Material Processing Facilities, like those proposed in Houston, Texas and elsewhere.

Members of the Coalition include: American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA), Glass Packaging Institute (GPI), Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), Knauf Insulation, National Recycling Coalition (NRC), Newark Group, Owens-Illinois, Inc. (O-I), Paper Recycling Coalition (PRC), the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI) and Waste Management (WM).

“The growing number of Dirty MRFs across the country is concerning” says McPoland. The Coalition is seeking to work with communities to fully understand the ramifications of these facilities and the economic opportunities which exist to expand recycling efforts.

RIC members have begun a series of studies to identify and quantify both the quality and quantity issues associated with Dirty MRFs as well as the economic underpinnings of these facilities. They have agreed to a Policy Statement that outlines their concerns about this technology which, they believe, is a giant step backwards in materials management.


For further information contact:  Fran McPoland at 202-347-9061 or via email at