Sen. Boozman Named Co-Chair of Senate Recycling Caucus

September 16, 2013


For Immediate Release:


The PRC is pleased that Senator Boozman (R-AR) has joined Senator Carper (D-DE)  to Co-Chair the Senate Recycling Caucus. Terese Colling, Washington Representative of the PRC noted: “It is gratifying that Senator Boozman cares deeply enough about recycling to devote his time and energy to helping grow the recycling industry. The Senator has toured a PRC facility where he displayed a keen understanding of the environmental and economic benefits of paper recycling. He and Senator Carper will no doubt make a strong team.”

The Senate Recycling Caucus was founded in 2006 by Senators Carper and Snowe, who has since retired. The Caucus remains a strong bipartisan forum to discuss environmental and economic issues affecting the industry. We look forward to continuing our relationships with Senators Carper and Boozman and hope to serve as a resource to them on paper recycling issues.

Boozman said in a statement, “I am proud to join Sen. Carper in this effort, which will provide both economic and environmental benefits. Recycling reduces waste, saves energy, and promotes innovation. We need to enable American entrepreneurs to capture and reuse many other materials, such as valuable metals that previously went to landfills.”