Senator Stabenow Introduces S. 2143

For Immediate Release–

Members of the Paper Recycling Coalition (PRC) welcome Senator Stabenow’s (D-MI) introduction of S. 2143 on February 29, 2012 to ensure that paper is continues to be available for recycling without government subsidy.  

Specifically, S. 2143 would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to clarify that paper which is commonly recycled does not constitute a qualified energy resource under the municipal solid waste definition of the Section 45 production tax credit for renewable electricity production.  This will assure that the government doesn’t inadvertently encourage the burning of recyclable paper on which an entire industry, with hundreds of thousands of jobs in the U.S., are reliant upon as the raw material for their products.

Terese Colling, the PRC’s Washington Representative, issued the following statement about S. 2143:

“Michigan is one of the most important states for the manufacture of 100% recycled paper in the country and we applaud Senator Stabenow’s leadership on this important issue. She clearly understands the importance of encouraging the highest and best use of recovered fiber–recycling. We are gratified that she recognizes the importance of protecting our industry’s fiber so that it can be used again and again. When fiber is burned for energy there is no lasting benefit and the government should not subsidize this end use. The clarification in her bill is good for the paper recycling industry, its workers , and it’s good for the environment.

Colling noted, “ we are a vital and robust industry and we compete day in and day out for our fiber in a global marketplace — with more and more of our fiber going overseas we are keenly interested in assuring that we have enough fiber going to our mills and we simply don’t want our government to bet against us.”

You can find a copy of the bill here.

For more information, contact Terese Colling or Fran McPoland.